Gov. Cooper’s Vetoed Bills “Designed to Protect the Health and Safety of Children and Families;” NC Legislators Override at Least 5 Bills

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On Wednesday the North Carolina Legislature overrode at least five bills vetoed by Gov. Roy Cooper (D), which include bills to protect minors from irreversible gender-reassignment procedures, guarantee parental rights in education, and establish that only women can compete in women’s sports. Republicans gained a super majority in April when Rep. Tricia Cotham from the Charlotte-area made the switch to the Republican Party. North Carolina Family Policy Council President John Rustin said, “NC Family is extremely grateful for all the lawmakers and citizens who championed the passage of these extremely important bills that are designed to protect the health and safety of children and families in North Carolina. The fact that veto-override votes were necessary to enact these commonsense laws is tragic, but we praise God for providing the ultimate victory!”