Over One Hundred Spontaneously Baptized At TN Church; Pastor Calls It ‘Genuine Move of God’

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This past Sunday at Long Hollow Church in Hendersonville, TN, the service began as usual but ended in a surprising way.  Senior Pastor Robbie Gallaty preached on the importance of water baptism by immersion.  Only one person was scheduled to be baptized, but then many people started coming forward to be baptized. Gallaty said during the service, “We’re seeing God do something miraculous. This isn’t business as usual.”  By the end of the service, 136 people had been baptized. On Monday Gallaty wrote on social media, “What happened yesterday was another genuine move of God.  We saw more people baptized Sunday than any other time before (even during the revival).”  This continues a trend of large-scale baptisms which began in June, with almost 13,000 baptisms recorded by 3 major ministries in the last few months. Meanwhile, in the wake of the recent wildfires, thousands in Hawaii have flocked to churches seeking comfort.