Lahaina Fire Deadliest U.S. Fire In More Than A Century

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The official death toll from the Lahaina fire has reached 99 confirmed dead, making it the deadliest U.S. fire since the 1918 Cloquet Fire in Minnesota and Wisconsin which killed 453 people.  The death toll is expected to rise as only 25% of the area has been covered by search teams. Over a thousand people are still unaccounted for as search and relief efforts continue.  More than 2,000 buildings were damaged or destroyed with most of them being private homes.  Many survivors said they had little to no warning as the fire swept through the area and officials confirm that Hawaii’s early warning system did not work as intended. The fire has caused an estimated $5.5 billion in damages but it is unknown how the fire will affect Hawaii’s economy which is heavily dependent on tourism. One resident posted on social media, “We don’t want tourists here at all.”