GA’s Indictment of Trump’s Alleged “Conspiracy” Very Similar to Democrats’ Tactics in 2000 for Al Gore: Dershowitz

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Harvard Law professor emeritus Alan Derschowitz said that Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis’ indictment of “conspiracy” by former President Donald Trump and 18 others is exactly what Democrats did when challenging the 2000 election.  Dershowitz criticized the indictment, comparing the Trump team tactics as “very similar” to that of Al Gore’s strategy in the Bush v. Gore case that decided the presidential election.  He said, “We challenged the election, and we did much of the things that are being done today and people praised us. I wrote a bestselling book called ‘Supreme Injustice. Now they’re making it a crime.”  Dershowitz asserts that both the federal and state indictments against Trump were the “weakest” he’d ever seen against any candidate, and this has opened the door for Republicans to do the same to Democrats — the politicization of prosecution as Alexander Hamilton feared.