Tensions Mounting On Polish-Belarus Border

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Poland’s Defense Ministry has announced that it is sending 10,000 troops to the border area with Belarus after the August 1 incident in which Poland claims two Belarus military helicopters violated Polish airspace during a training exercise.  The Belarus government denied Poland’s claim, calling it an “old wives’ tale.”  The incident comes after Poland accused Belarus of encouraging migrants from the Middle East and Africa to travel to Belarus and cross into Poland illegally.  With an estimated 19,000 migrants having crossed so far this year, Poland accused Belarus of using the migrants in a “hybrid war.”  In addition, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said that a group of about 100 Wagner mercenaries was seen near the Grodno in northwest Bealrus near the Suwalki Gap, a strip of land between Poland and Lithuania leading to the Russian-held exclave of Kaliningrad.  Some experts believe that Belarus and Russia are testing responses to incursions into NATO territory.