2020 Michigan Voter Fraud Investigation Reveals Multistate Organization Engaged in Election Crimes

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In the recently obtained Michigan State Police report that revealed an investigation into alleged voter fraud in October 2020, GBI Strategies and its head, Gary Bell, are listed and the organization is named as being responsible for running the scheme.  The organization had branches across the country and was reportedly engaged in widespread, systemic, voter fraud in multiple locations around the state of Michigan.  In one of GBI Strategies’ locations (Southfield), the police found partially completed voter registration forms, pelican cases with semi-automatic rifles joined with suppressors and optics and customized pistols, a case with 4 rifles and 4 pistols, dozens of new phones and hundreds of pre-paid payment cards.  Head Gary Bell managed over 70 “organizing operations in 20 states, lending logistical and consulting support to another seven states.”  A query done by The Gateway Pundit confirms that FEC filings show far-left Black PAC organizations paid GBI Strategies $11,254,919 in 2020.