Prayer Movement For Korean Reunification Growing

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Since the armistice which ended the Korean war in 1953, the North has degenerated into one of the world’s worst dictatorships.  Yet there is a growing prayer movement for the two Korea’s to be reunited.  God gave Professor Yong Hee Lee, president of the Esther Prayer Movement, a heart to pray for North Koreans after he learned of the horrors of life there, which defectors compare to a Nazi concentration camp.  But since COVID, things have changed.  The name of Jesus has spread throughout the country and the underground church has doubled to almost 400,000 people. Not only has the Esther Prayer Movement helped by praying for 5 hours each night for the past 17 years, but they also send bottles stuffed with rice, money, and USB drives containing the Bible and Christian videos across the water to North Korea.  Lee believes that like the Berlin Wall, the wall between North and South Korea will one day fall.