Joe Rogan Calls Trump Indictments “Actions of a Banana Republic”

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Popular podcast host Joe Rogan said the multiple indictments against former President Donald Trump are the “actions of a banana republic” by the U.S. Department of Justice.  Rogan emphasized how the indictments have only galvanized support for Trump, saying, “Not only does it not work, but it kind of hardens their position that he’s being targeted. And these are like the the actions of a banana republic.”  Rogan ranted about Biden mishandling classified documents but not facing the same persecution as Trump.  He said, “You take your political rival and you arrest him and specifically, you charge him with things that you’re [expletive] guilty of…like the classified documents, Biden’s guilty of the exact same issue.” Guest Patrick Bet-David compared it to Russiagate when Hillary Clinton accused Trump of “Russian collusion” while she was the one colluding with Russia.