Trump Indictment Could Backfire on Jack Smith Says Harvard Law Professor Dershowitz

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Alan Dershowitz, Harvard law professor, said that special counsel Jack Smith could be indicted himself if former President Donald Trump’s indictment is thrown out.  On Tuesday Smith indicted Trump on four felony counts related to his efforts to challenge the results of the 2020 presidential election.  “The statute states: ‘if two or more persons conspire to injure and deny somebody the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured him by the Constitution.’ What if a court ultimately rules that Donald Trump had a right under the First Amendment to make his Jan. 6 speech and to do what he did? Then Jack Smith will have conspired to deny him of that right. That’s how serious this is,” Dershowitz said.  He also said that Smith’s “dangerous” indictment describes Trump’s attorneys as “unindicted co-conspirators” which targets Trump’s Sixth Amendment right to counsel.