Polish Airspace Violated By Belarus Military Helicopters

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Poland’s government said that its airspace was violated by two Belarusian military helicopters on Tuesday.  While the Polish military at first denied the violation, it later acknowledged the incident and said that Belarus had informed Poland that the helicopters would be carrying out training near the border.  In response to the incursion, Warsaw summoned the chargé d’affaires of Belarus and “issued a firm protest and called on the Belarusian side to immediately and in detail explain the incident.”  The Polish defense minister also increased the number of soldiers and military vehicles such as helicopters along the border. Tensions have been escalating since a number of Wagner mercenaries have taken refuge in Belarus. Also, over the weekend Poland’s Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said that Wagner troops were spotted near the Suwalki Gap, a strategic stretch of Polish territory.  Poland said it had informed NATO of the incident.