Full Israeli High Court To Hear Complaints On Reasonableness Legislation

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All 15 members of Israeli’s High Court will convene on September 12 to begin hearing complaints against the recently passed and highly controversial legislation which curtails judicial oversight of governmental decisions.  The legislation amends Israeli Basic Law which is outlined in the country’s Declaration of Independence.  Opponents say the reasonableness standard serves as a critical safeguard against inappropriate or illegal government actions.  However, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party and governmental coalition argues that the court has too much power to override governmental decisions.  Since announced, the legislation has sparked multiple protests in Israel and drawn sharp criticism from Israel’s political opposition and even from U.S. President Joe Biden. Iran held a meeting with Hamas and Hezbollah last week on how they can exploit the current division in Israel over the issue. During a series of interviews, Netanyahu has not said if his government would abide by a High Court ruling against the law.