Protestors In Gaza Demand Better Living Conditions From Hamas

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In a rare display of dissatisfaction with Hamas, thousands of protestors took to the streets of Gaza over the weekend to protest the poor living conditions there. Protestors chanted, “where is the electricity and where is the gas?” with some even burning Hamas flags and throwing stones before security forces broke up the protests.  Several protestors were arrested and any found to be recording the protest had their cellphones destroyed.  Hamas seized control of Gaza in 2007 and has been under blockade from Israel and Egypt to prevent a buildup of military force there.  As a result, the people there have lived with rampant unemployment, regular power outages and a devastated economy.  Protestors also criticized Hamas for allegedly cutting the stipends of the poorest families from $100 to $85. Hamas receives the money from Qatar.  An online grassroots movement in Gaza called “Alvirus Alsakher,” or “the mocking virus,” is thought to have organized the protest.