Israeli Protestors Clash With Police After Judicial Reform Bill Passes

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Thousands of protestors faced off with police in the hours after the Israeli Knesset passed the bill which limits the Israeli judiciary in using the “reasonableness” justification for scrutinizing government actions.  Supporters say the reforms are necessary to rein in abuse of judicial power; critics argue that “reasonableness” is the main check of inappropriate government actions.  Police arrested at least 33 people in both Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. Accusations have arisen of police using excessive force and indiscriminately aiming water cannons at protestors.  Officials say 13 police were injured quelling the violence. Opposition Leader Yair Lapid vowed to petition the High Court, saying, “It’s a sad day.  This is the destruction of Israeli democracy.”  After the vote, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed the country saying the vote was “a necessary democratic act” and called for national unity and renewed dialogue with the political opposition.