Former Home Depot CEO Says Biden Overconfident On U.S. Economy

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Former Home Depot CEO Bob Nardelli thinks that Biden is overconfident about the health of the U.S. economy saying, “I’ve been at this for 52 years, and I think that I see more uncertainty now than I’ve ever seen in our country in running corporations across a broad sector of businesses. We hear about UPS potentially going on strike and some of the other things that are out there with United and the [United Auto Workers], so I think we have more uncertainty.” Nardelli thinks that Republicans need to address the issue during the 2024 Presidential Campaign. He said, “What we see is the level of dissatisfaction and uncertainty with this administration in going forward. I think we have to continue to surface these issues that confront the economy, confront all of us here in the United States.” A recent poll shows 51% of voters consider economic issues the most important when choosing a candidate.