Spanish Election Has No Clear Winner

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After Spain’s General Elections there is no clear winner, leaving the country’s political landscape uncertain.  Spain’s Popular Party (PP) led by Alberto Nuñez Feijóo won 133 seats, short of the 176 necessary for an outright majority in the 350-seat Spanish Parliament. Socialist Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez’s party won 122 seats. Even with alliances, neither the PP nor the Socialists have enough seats to create a majority.  In a month, the new parliament will meet and Spanish King Felipe VI will invite either Feijóo or Sánchez to form a government. If negotiations fail after 3 months then a new election will be held. A wildcard in the process is the Catalan secessionist party Junts, whose leader Carles Puigdemont lives in Belgium after his failed 2017 push for Catalonian independence. If Puigdemont supports Sánchez, then Basque separatists might follow giving Sánchez a majority, but at the likely price of Sánchez having to support Catalonian and Basque independence.