Russia Targets Farm Storage At Ukrainian Port; Damages Chinese Consulate

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Russia has continued targeting the Ukrainian port of Odesa, first targeting port infrastructure and now targeting warehouses used to store food before export. The most recent attacks destroyed 100 metric tons of peas and 20 metric tons of barely.  Earlier this week, Russia withdrew from the Black Sea Grain Initiative which allowed Ukraine to export food despite the ongoing war with Russia.  Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan is optimistic that the deal can be restored. Meanwhile, both Russia and Ukraine have issued statements saying that commercial shipping in the Black Sea is now potential military targets. Russia recently conducted a naval exercise which simulated blockading part of the Black Sea and firing anti-ship missiles. During the latest attacks, Russian missiles and drones also damaged administrative and residential buildings in Odesa, including the Chinese Consulate.  The local Ukrainian governor said via Telegram, the attacks “shows the enemy [Russia] does not pay attention to anything.”