Russia Continues “Retaliatory Strikes” After Kerch Bridge Damaged; Targets Black Sea Shipping To Ukraine

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Russia has continued what the defense ministry called “retaliatory strikes” days after the Kerch Bridge that links southern Russia and Crimea was damaged by seaborne drones.  The attacks have mostly centered on the Black Sea ports of Odesa and Mykolaiv which are part of the Black Sea Grain Initiative.  After the bridge attack, Russia declined to extend  the initiative claiming that the West has not complied with a parallel agreement concerning Russian exports. Ukraine says that 21 people were injured in the latest attacks, two of them children.  The three days of attacks have also damaged buildings in the center of Odesa as well as severely damaging oil and grain terminals.  At least 60,000 tons of grain have been destroyed in the attacks. Russia’s defense ministry has also said that all the ships  headed to Ukraine will be considered potential targets as they could be carrying military cargo.