North Korea Fires Missiles In Protest Of U.S. Nuclear Submarine Deployment To South Korea

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North Korea has fired two short-range missiles in apparent protest over the USS Kentucky, a U.S. Ohio-class submarine armed with 20 Trident II ballistic missiles with a range of just under 7,500 miles, visiting the South Korean city of Busan. It is the first visit of an American nuclear-armed  submarine to South Korea since the 1980’s.  The missiles flew east from the area around Pyongyang about 340 miles and landed in the Sea of Japan, roughly the distance from Pyongyang to Busan. It is the first launch by North Korea since July 12 when it test-launched a new solid-fuel intercontinental ballistic missile that could hit the U.S.  The news comes as a U.S. soldier has been detained by North Korea.  Private 2nd Class Travis King crossed into North Korea during a tour of a border village. King was being sent home and faced military disciplinary action after being charged with assault.