IRS Whistleblower: Hunter Biden’s Tax Crimes Should Have Been Felony Charges

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On Wednesday before the House Oversight Committee, previously anonymous IRS whistleblower revealed his identity. Joseph Zeigler, 13-year IRS veteran and gay Democrat, stepped forward to bring light to Hunter Biden’s shady business dealings.  Zeigler told the committee, “today I sit here before you not as a hero or a victim, but as a whistleblower compelled to disclose the truth. That said, in coming forward, I believe I’m risking my career, my reputation, and my casework outside of the investigation we are here to discuss. No one should be above the law regardless of your political affiliation.”  In regard to Hunter’s misdemeanor tax charges, the IRS whistleblower said, “I thought the felony charges were well supported when considering the element of felony tax case.” Zeigler said the assigned prosecutors “did not appear to follow the normal investigative process” and “put in place unnecessary approvals and roadblocks.”