Iraqi Protesters Set Fire To Swedish Embassy; Swedish Ambassador Expelled

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Iraqi protestors set fire to the Swedish Embassy in Baghdad before dawn in protest of news that Swedish police have approved another application to burn a Quran by the man who burned pages from Islam’s holy book last month, Salwan Momika.  Sweden announced that it has summoned the Iraqi deputy ambassador over the incident.  Swedish Foreign Minister Tobias Billström said, “What happened is totally unacceptable and the government condemns these attacks in the strongest possible terms.”  No embassy staff were harmed.  The office of Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shia Al-Sudani condemned the protestors actions, even as police used water cannons and electric batons to disperse the crowds.  Iraq has since expelled the Swedish ambassador, is recalling its charge d’affaires in Sweden and has suspended the working permit of Sweden’s Ericsson on Iraqi soil.  In Sweden, unconfirmed reports say that Momika arrived for the protest but left without burning the Quran.