Rising Christian Persecution in India: Report’s Alarming Findings

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A recent report from the United Christian Forum (UCF) reveals a concerning surge in religious persecution against Christians in India. The UCF, based in New Delhi, recorded 400 incidents of violence against believers in the first half of this year, nearly doubling the number from the same period last year, which had 274 incidents. Uttar Pradesh emerged as one of the leading states in religious persecution, accounting for 155 cases. The month of June witnessed the highest number of violent attacks, averaging three per day, totaling 88 cases. The report also highlighted the devastating ethnic clashes in Manipur, which resulted in over 100 deaths and the destruction of almost 400 churches. Law enforcement’s failure to investigate and prosecute perpetrators is contributing to the discrimination faced by Christians in India. The central government’s stance on considering Christianity as separate from Indian identity has potentially fueled the escalation of violence against Christians and their places of worship.