French Lawmakers To Vote On Bill Allowing Suspects To Be Tracked By Phone

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The French parliament will be voting on a measure proposed by French Justice Minister Eric Dupond-Moretti which will allow French police to remotely access the cameras, microphones and locations of phones and other devices of people suspected of certain crimes. The tap would be done “without the knowledge or consent of its owner or possessor”  but limited to only suspects of certain crimes like terrorism, organized crime and other illegal activities that carry a sentence of five or more years. Moretti said, “Why would we deprive ourselves of new technologies?  The goal of this law is clear: a faster, clearer, modern justice.” Critics point out the potential for abuse by French police. Bastien Le Querrec, lawyer with French digital rights group, said, “In reality, who decides on the seriousness of an event in an investigation? It’s the police, the prosecutors, the investigating judge. Nothing in this bill will prevent abuse.”