Muslim Activist In Sweden Says “I Will Not Burn” Torah and Bible Outside Israeli Embassy

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 Ahmad Alush, the 32-year-old Muslim activist in Sweden who received police permission to burn a Jewish Torah and Christian Bible outside the Israeli Embassy this past Saturday, stopped short and said that it was never his intention to actually go through with it, but rather to draw attention to the recent burning of the Quran outside a Stockholm mosque last month by Salwan Momika, an Iraqi immigrant. Alush said,  “It is against the Quran to burn and I will not burn. No one should do that. This is a response to the people who burn the Quran. I want to show that freedom of expression has limits that must be taken into account.” The burning of the Quran was condemned by many Muslim countries and Alush’s request to burn the Torah and Bible raised protests from Jewish organizations in Europe, the U.S. and even from the Israeli government.