Cruz Calls Biden Admin: “Most Anti-Israel Ever”

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Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) called the Biden Administration the “most profoundly anti-Israel administration our country has ever had.”  Cruz called Biden’s refusal to meet Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu “utterly shameful,” even as Israeli President Isaac Herzog will address a joint-session of Congress next week.  The Biden Administration has heavily criticized Netanyahu for judicial reforms which would make Israel’s judiciary more accountable to the public.  Cruz noted that the Biden Administration is eager to restore billions of dollars to Iran, even as the country continues its nuclear power program. Meanwhile, Biden has frozen scientific funds for Israeli cancer research. Cruz said, “to see the President of the United States wrapping his arms around the extreme BDS movement is disgraceful.” Cruz admires Netanyahu, saying, “he has a Churchillian sense of the gravity as to the threats facing Israel and the threats facing America.”