New Twitter Files Revelation Shows FBI Collaborated with Ukraine’s Secret Service to Censor Accounts

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Independent journalist Matt Taibbi, tasked with researching the Twitter Files, said a new report issued by the House Weaponization of Government Committee has taken the theme of the Twitter Files in “crazy new directions.”  The report reveals that Ukraine’s Security Service (SBU) sent lists of accounts to the FBI that were “suspected by the SBU of spreading fear and disinformation.”  In turn, the FBI collaborated in the effort to censor the accounts, not only in this incident, but throughout the duration of the Russia-Ukraine conflict.  The Committee found an ongoing pattern of mass-censorship requests funneled from the SBU through the FBI to many platforms including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and others.  Accounts from Russia or Belarus were mostly targeted, however, also included on the SBU’s list, were Americans and even an Instagram account belonging to the U.S. State Department.