Macron Threatens To Cut Off Social Media During Future Protests

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French President Emmanuel Macron suggested cutting off social media during any future protests, after he blamed social media for helping to fuel recent violent protests in France following the shooting death by Paris police of a teenager during a traffic stop. Speaking to about 300 mayors, Macron said, “we need to reflect on social media use among the youngest [and] on the prohibitions we must put in place.  When things get out of hand, perhaps you have to put yourself in a position to regulate or cut them.”  Government spokesperson Olivier Véran explained that only certain functions of social media would be suspended. “You have, for example, geolocation functions on certain platforms, which allow young people to meet up in certain locations … [while discussing] how to set fires, etc.”  Macron’s statements drew criticism from some French lawmakers, with one comparing Macron with North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Un.