Israel Ends Largest West Bank Military Operation In Years

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Israel has withdrawn its forces from the Palestinian city of Jenin after one of its biggest counter-terror operations in the West Bank in years. The operation was launched on Monday as a crackdown on a local wing of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad terror group known as the Jenin Battalion, as well as other smaller armed groups in the city and the local refugee camp.  Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) began a withdrawal late Tuesday and was complete by early Wednesday.  An IDF spokesperson said that 18 Palestinian fighters were killed. Palestinian authorities said that 13 were killed and over 100 people were wounded. Residents emerged from their homes to find torn up streets, burnt cars and destroyed buildings, evidence of the fierce two-day conflict. The Palestinian foreign ministry labelled the operation “open war against the people of Jenin.”  Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed that Israel would “uproot terrorism.”