Poland To Bolster Defenses Along Border With Belarus

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Poland has announced that it will be increasing security along its western border after the Wagner Group has taken refuge in Belarus.  The Polish government will be sending 500 counterterrorism and riot control police to bolster the already 5,000 security guards and 2,000 Polish soldiers which guard its border. This move comes after 187 people tried to cross into Poland from Belarus illegally over the weekend.  Polish Law and Justice leader Jaroslaw Kaczynski said that Wagner fighters in Belarus could mean “a new phase of hybrid warfare, a phase much more difficult than the one we have dealt with so far.”  While there have been no official announcements about Wagner troop movements, satellite imagery shows activity at a disused military base about 64 miles south of the Belarus capital of Minsk. BBC Verify has identified over 300 tent-like structures erected in the past two weeks. Polish officials estimate that around 8,000 Wagner mercenaries are currently in Belarus.