‘The Flash’ and ‘Elemental’ Flop at the Box Office, ‘No Hard Feelings’ Shines At Opening

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‘The Flash,’ starring Ezra Miller, experienced a disastrous 75 percent drop in its second weekend at the box office after opening with a disappointing $55 million. Ezra Miller, who uses they/them pronouns, is a serial criminal and credibly accused non-binary child groomer. The film’s total gross after ten days is a meager $87 million, which is considered a failure even if it had opened at that number. Similarly, Disney’s Pixar film ‘Elemental’ performed poorly, grossing just $18 million in its second weekend and reaching a total of $65 million after ten days. Both films’ underperformance is attributed to their association with controversial aspects, such as featuring non-binary, criminal groomer Miller, and the inclusion of a non-binary character in ‘Elemental.’ On a positive note, Jennifer Lawrence’s non-woke, R-rated comedy ‘No Hard Feelings’ opened well, potentially signaling a comeback for the actress.