Pentagon ‘Accounting Error’ Results in More Ukraine Aid; Additional $6.2 Billion in Taxpayers’ Money

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Pentagon spokeswoman Sabrina Singh announced on Monday that an additional $6.2 billion of U.S. taxpayers’ money will be given to Ukraine due to an accounting error that was discovered in records pertaining to shipments of weapons.  During a press conference Singh explained that “in a significant number of cases” accounting errors happened resulting in the overestimation of the value of equipment draw down from U.S. stocks.  To prevent future accounting mishaps, Singh assured that Biden administration employees have received further training. She said, “Once we discovered this misevaluation, the comptroller reissued guidance on March 31, clarifying how to value equipment in line with the Financial Management Regulation and DOD policy to ensure we use the most accurate accounting methods. We have confirmed that for FY 23, the final calculation is $3.6 billion and for FY 22, it is $2.6 billion for a combined total of $6.2 billion.”