Trump Claims “Everything Was Declassified” in Boxes Seized from Mar-a-Lago Raid

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Former President Donald Trump claimed during an interview with Fox News’ Bret Baier on Monday that all the documents found in the boxes seized from Mar-a-Lago were declassified.  Trump stated in no uncertain terms, “everything was declassified,” underscoring the fact that he “had the right to declassify.”  Baier asked Trump why he did not immediately hand over the documents as soon as the DOJ issued the subpoena.  Trump responded, “Because I had boxes, I wanna go through the boxes and get all my personal things out… and I was very busy as you’ve sort of seen…”  Trump added, “Other presidents, when they leave, they take the papers. They have thousands and thousands. Obama had it, Nixon had it, Carter had it, the Bush’s had it.”