Border Patrol Staff Redirected to Process Migrant Asylum Appointments; Concerns of Missing Fentanyl Smugglers

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U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has been pulling frontline employees from normal inspection duties to process more than one thousand daily applications from migrants seeking asylum appointments via the ‘CBP One’ phone app.  The reallocation of employees has reduced the number of labor hours dedicated to finding hidden narcotics, according to a source with the border agency.  The insider said despite the claims that a new “lawful pathway” program would eliminate smuggling activities by the cartels, the impact is the opposite.  The source stated, “The cartels don’t just profit off of the migrants, they survive and thrive by smuggling narcotics. One worry is by redirecting personnel from inspections to asylum processing we are missing the deadliest drug we have seen in modern times, fentanyl.”