Trump Lays Out His Legal Defense Strategy Against Recent Indictment

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On Tuesday during his speech in Bedminster, New Jersey, former President Donald Trump explained the approach his legal defense team is likely to take against the recent indictment.  Trump pleaded not guilty to 37 counts of charges related to his handling of classified documents at his arraignment in a federal court in Miami, Florida. In the speech, Trump focused on the Presidential Records Act of 1987 which gives the president discretion to determine which records are personal and which are presidential.  Even though the records in question do not fit the criteria as being ‘personal’ under the act, Trump referenced a district court ruling in the case where former President Bill Clinton kept audio tapes after leaving the White House. In that case, Judge Amy Berman Jackson ruled that the national archivist had the power to reclassify.  “Under the statute, this responsibility is left solely to the president,” Jackson wrote.