Public School In Ohio Forces Kids To Take Part In Pagan Ritual

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An elementary school in the Lexington Local Schools District in Ohio forced a fifth-grader whose parents are Messianic Jews to participate in a pagan ritual involving creating and naming a kachina doll, a Native American sacred idol.  Parents of the boy, Benjamin and Amie Mutti said, “Parents were never notified beforehand about this in-class project.  Students were never given the opportunity to opt out of the project.” After creating, naming and assigning powers to the dolls, the students were told to take them home, which violates the Muttis’ view of Scripture and their religious beliefs.  The American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) sent a letter to the school board saying that the Mutti’s son was coerced into an activity which violated his religious convictions and was a violation of his First Amendment rights. While the school board promised to look into the matter, no other actions have been taken.