Ukraine Claims Call Intercept Shows Russia Blew Up Dam

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 Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) says that is has intercepted a call between two Russians which proves that Russia is responsible for the destruction of the Kakhovka Dam in Ukraine. The 90-second audio clip which was posted to Telegram is a conversation between two members of an alleged Russian “sabotage group” discussing the results of the dam failure. “They (the Ukrainians) didn’t strike it. That was our sabotage group,” said one of the men on the recording, described by the SBU as a Russian soldier. “They wanted to, like, scare (people) with that dam.” “It didn’t go according to plan, and (they did) more than what they planned for.” The SBU says that the call clearly shows that “the Kakhovskaya HPP (Hydroelectric Power Plant) was blown up by a sabotage group of the occupiers.”  The recording has not been independently verified and Russia has not yet commented on the allegation.