Wokeness Has Cost Target Nearly $15 Billion so Far

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Target has lost nearly $15 billion in market cap after releasing its infamous LGBTQ+ baby clothing which entangled the company in a social scandal.  “Shark Tank” star investor Kevin O’Leary, head of O’Leary Ventures, said that this incident has the potential to change how corporate America looks at woke agendas and progressive propaganda. The controversy of Target worsened when Fox News reported that the company’s nonprofit foundation funded an entity seeking to cede United States territory, including Mount Rushmore, over claims it is a symbol of white supremacy, and sought to demilitarize the armed forces due to concerns of its “violence.”  Just before O’Leary’s comments, Elon Musk predicted there will be class-action lawsuits by Target shareholders after JPMorgan downgraded the company’s stock.