Utah School District Bans the Bible in Elementary and Middle Schools

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Davis School District, north of Salt Lake City, Utah, removed the Bible from its elementary and middle schools after a committee reviewed a Scripture in response to a parent’s complaint. The parent argued that the Bible has many verses that are violent and vulgar for young children. However, the Bible will not be removed from the district’s high schools according to the Associated Press.  Religious tolerance against Christians has reached an all-time high according to evangelist Shawn Bolz.  This most recent banning of the Bible is a perfect example.  Bolz said, “While extremely offensive books that are morally corrupt are allowed to be stocked, Christianity is under attack.  The average age of salvation in America is between 4 and 14 years old in America, and the enemy knows this and is empowering His army against our children. The good news is, Christianity multiplies in persecution.”