NYC Mayor Suggests Housing Migrants In Churches And Private Homes

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New York City Mayor Eric Adams has announced an initiative for the housing of migrants in houses of worship and eventually even private residences.  The plan calls for paying houses of worship to house migrants overnight while partnering with offsite daytime centers so the worship centers can conduct normal business during the day. Currently, over 45,000 migrants are living in shelters and hotels paid for by the city at a cost of about $380 per person per day which includes a bed, food and personal services.  Adams says that under the new program places of worship could do the same thing at about $125 per person. But Adams wants to take the program even further, offering to pay home owners to house migrants in their homes, which is currently against city regulations. In the past year, more than 72,000 illegal migrants have arrived in New York City which Adams said is unsustainable.