Israel Holds Iran War Drill; Biden Admin Accused Of Direct Interference In Israeli Politics

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his security cabinet participated in a military drill over the weekend which simulated a multi-front conflict and involved all branches of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF).  The exercise, “Firm Hand,” although preplanned, was thought to be aimed at countering an Iranian response to an Israeli strike on Iran. Netanyahu said, “We are obliged to act against the Iranian nuclear, against the missile attacks against the state of Israel and against the possibility of multiple arenas.”  According to Fox News, former White House Envoy to the Middle East Jason Greenblatt called the Biden Administration “petty” in its approach to Israel.  In Greenblatt’s new book, he wrote, “The Biden Administration continues to put pressure on the Israeli government to abandon its judicial reform plans. This is blatant interference with another country’s internal policies.”