Report Suggests Iran Plans To Increase Attacks On U.S. Forces In Syria

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The Washington Post has released a report which says that Iran is planning to increase attacks against U.S. forces in Syria, part of a larger plan involving Russia.  The report, based on leaked intelligence documents, says that Iran is arming proxy groups with explosives designed to destroy U.S. armored vehicles, including tanks.  The documents show that Iran, Syria and Russia are coordinating efforts to try and remove U.S. forces from the region.  The Biden Administration says that 900 U.S. soldiers and hundreds of military contractors are in the region to prevent a resurgence of the Islamic State. President Biden said that the U.S. will “act forcefully to protect our people” in Syria. A Jerusalem Post article suggests that Turkey, Russia and Iran all want U.S. forces to leave so that each can increase their influence over Syria.