Christian Descendants Of Nazis Come To Jerusalem Seeking Forgiveness For Holocaust

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As part of the recent 75th Anniversary of Israel celebrations, a Christian group called March of Life came to participate. But the group, founded by Jobst Bittner, son of a German officer during World War II, and made of up of other Christians descended from Nazis, also came to ask forgiveness from Holocaust survivors, their descendants, and the Jewish people.  Christians from 30 different nations came to participate in what the group called “The March of the Nations.”  “We had, reconciliation meetings in the middle of it, and beautiful encounters between the descendants of the Nazis and the Holocaust survivors and the descendants of Holocaust survivors,” said Heinz Reuss, international director for the March of Life.  Israeli President Isaac Herzog commended the group saying, “Your presence demonstrates unwavering moral support for our nation-state and its people, and the State of Israel welcomes you with open arms.”