Russia Says Ukrainian Drones Targeting Oil Refineries; Shelling Of Russian Border Towns Continues

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Moscow says that Ukrainian drones have targeted the Afipsky and Ilsky oil refineries in Russia’s southern Krasnodar region near the Black Sea. The attacks caused a fire at the Afipsky refinery but no damage was reported at the Ilsky refinery.  Meanwhile, Vyacheslav Gladkov, governor for Russia’s Belgorad region, reports that Ukrainian forces continue shelling Russian border towns, including the town of Shebekino where the barrage damaged a school, an apartment building and multiple homes.  Gladkov said that two industrial centers in the town had also been hit over the weekend.  Ukraine says that its forces continue to repel Russian ground and air attacks. Both sides seem to be trying to prevent the buildup of the other’s forces ahead of the still expected Ukrainian counteroffensive which will try to push back Russian forces from occupied areas of Ukraine.