Report: Google’s Manipulation of Search Results Promotes Liberal Bias; Targeting Children and Teens

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Twitter and Facebook’s censorship and liberal bias has been in the spotlight while tech giant Google has been held unaccountable.  Dr. Robert Epstein, a California Democrat holding a Ph.D. from Harvard, is warning that Google is targeting children based on his decade-long monitoring of Google’s manipulation of newsfeeds, search results and YouTube suggestions. Epstein concluded that Google possesses the power to change minds and move elections to suit its liberal corporate worldview.  He claims Google used biased algorithms secretly in 2020 to skew searches with positive links for Biden and negative links for Trump. Google has used its monopoly as a search engine to promote liberal views, throttle conservatives, and manipulate children’s impressionable minds. Preliminary results from Epstein’s newest project over the past three months show liberal bias is even more pervasive for children and teens in which 96% of suggested videos on YouTube come from liberal sources.