Japan Adds More Sanctions Against Russia; PM May Attend NATO Meeting In July

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Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Hirokazu Matsuno announced that Japan has approved further sanctions against Russia for its war against Ukraine which include freezing assets of groups and even individuals as well as banning exports to Russian military-related organizations. Matsuno said that the sanctions are in concert with other G-7 nations after the recent meeting in Hiroshima, Japan.  Matsuno also sharply criticized Russia’s deployment of nuclear warheads to Belarus. Matsuno said, “As the world’s only country to have suffered nuclear attacks, Japan finds Russia’s threats of nuclear weapons and their use absolutely impermissible.”  Breitbart is reporting that Japanese Prime Minister Kishida Fumio may attend the upcoming NATO summit this July in Vilnius, Lithuania.  Kishida has said that there are no plans for Japan to formally join NATO, but reports suggest that he may consider the opening of a NATO liaison office in Japan.