Israeli Military Commander Says Israel May Soon Act Against Iranian Nuclear Program

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Israel’s top military commander Herzi Halevi said that Israel may soon be forced to act against Iran’s nuclear weapons program.  He said, “Iran has made more progress in uranium enrichment than ever before. We are also closely examining other aspects of the [Iranians’] path to nuclear capability.  Without going into details, there are possible negative developments on the horizon that could prompt action.” Fox News reports that in the past few months, the International Atomic Energy Agency revealed that Iran has now enriched uranium to 84%, just 6% shy of the required 90% needed for a nuclear weapon. Combined with the recent unveiling of Iran’s latest long-range missile, the Kheibar which has a range of over 1,200 miles and can carry a warhead weighing over a ton, Israel has made it clear that a nuclear-armed Iran is an existential threat and that Israel will act alone if necessary to counter that threat.