Franklin Graham and Ron DeSantis Call For Christians to “Be Ready” and “Stand Firm”

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On Monday night, speaking to a group gathered at the International Christian Media Convention in Orlando, Florida, evangelist Franklin Graham warned Christians to brace themselves for what is ahead. Graham, son of the late Billy Graham, said, “I believe there’s a coming storm that we’re all going to [have to] be ready for… The world is deteriorating so quickly. It seems like every demon in hell has been turned loose.”  He lamented that a flood of “wokeness” threatens to drown out the Gospel message.  He declared, “We cannot back up, we can’t retreat. Don’t apologize for the Gospel — just declare it, just preach it.”  Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis also spoke at the event and warned against the weaponization of the government against Christians.  DeSantis referenced Ephesians 6:10, saying, “Get ready, put on the full armor of God, stand firm in the truth and never ever back down.”