Taiwan Banned From World Health Assembly

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The World Health Assembly (WHA), the forum which governs the World Health Organization (WHO), has banned Taiwan from attending its annual meeting which runs from May 21-30 at the request of China and Pakistan.  This despite a group of nations including the U.S., U.K., France, Australia, Japan, Germany and others who lobbied for the island nation to attend as an observer as it has in the past.  The ban also extends to Taiwanese journalists, of which two were denied credentials after having previously been cleared to attend. Taiwan’s ministry of foreign affairs said, “Politics should not be allowed to take precedence over professionalism. It is not only unfair and unjust to shut Taiwan out due to Chinese political pressure, but also poses a serious threat to global health.”  China praised the WHA’s decision while the U.S. said it “undermines inclusive global public health cooperation led by WHO.”