Federal Judge Orders Preliminary Injunction On Biden Admin’s “Parole With Conditions” For Illegal Immigrants

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On Tuesday federal Judge T. Kent Wetherell ordered a preliminary injunction on Biden’s “parole with conditions” policy that would allow the release of illegal immigrants into the country without a court date.  Last week Judge Wetherell placed a temporary restraining order on the policy and this week has found that Florida would suffer “irreparable harm” without the injunction.  The judge wrote in his ruling (pdf), “Florida is entitled to a preliminary injunction prohibiting DHS (Department of Homeland Security) from ‘paroling’ aliens into the country under the Parole with Conditions policy.” The ruling continued, “Indeed, as of two days ago, the number of aliens arriving [at] the border was about one-third of the number predicted in the declaration that DHS relied on in support of its argument that the sky will fall if it cannot release aliens under the Parole with Conditions policy.”