House GOP Demands Answers From Navy On ‘Drag Queen’ Recruitment

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Navy Secretary Carlos Del Toro is under fire from House GOP and Navy Veterans, led by Rep. Andrew Clyde (R-GA), wanting answers as to why the Navy used active duty sailor Joshua Kelley, who goes by the drag queen stage name “Harpy Daniels,” as part of a recent recruitment campaign. Clyde wrote in a letter signed by nine other House GOP members, “As a 28-year Navy combat veteran, I’m displeased and greatly disappointed with the Navy’s decision to not only allow this individual to represent our heroic Sailors, but to promote his drag queen activities as part of the Navy’s recruiting efforts. Our servicemembers should be solely focused on maintaining the most deadly military force in the world, not dressing up in drag.” Clyde urged Del Toro to deliver a plan which addresses the Navy’s “dire recruiting and retention crisis” without using “woke nonsense.”