John Brennan Admits CIA’s Russian Disinformation Letter in 2020 was “Political”

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Recently the House Intelligence and Judiciary Committee found that the CIA conspired with former acting director Mike Morell and the Biden campaign to create a letter with 51 signatories falsely claiming that emails found on Hunter Biden’s laptop were Russian disinformation.  During a four-hour deposition behind closed doors last week, John Brennan, Obama-era CIA director, confessed to House investigators that the letter was “political.”  Next week James Clapper, former director of national intelligence, is scheduled to appear before the committee.  Both Brennan and Clapper pushed the Russian hoax against Donald Trump concocted by Hillary Clinton’s campaign and both have lied to Congress with no consequence.  On October 19, 2020, former Trump-era Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe made a public statement that the Post’s story about Hunter’s laptop was not Russian disinformation, then within hours the CIA’s letter was issued.